Pledger Profiles


Was struggling to figure out the best way to handle market appreciation since election day and was feeling guilty every time I looked online at our brokerage accounts. Happy to give the appreciation between election day and the 20th to organizations we believe most need it over the next four years. I am planning to take the total appreciation amount and spread it into 48 monthly auto payments to various groups.


Our neighbors are scared. Our local government is scared. Nonprofits always fill the gap. But the nonprofits who serve the people most threatened are feeling under attack themselves.


Corporations are not paying their fair share to cover their direct environmental impact. The middle class will pay that debt in the future. I want to pay back some now.


It's unethical to profit at the expense of those in need, and the current market rally is a reflection of corporate profits likely growing from socially-irresponsible policies. In addition to this pledge, I'll be allocating a majority of incremental income that I receive as result of Trump's tax cuts to various nonprofits.


I value a clear conscience. As a bankruptcy lawyer, I already expect increased business as a result of the Trump administration. These stock gains feel like blood money.


The vitriol spewing from Trump and his cronies call for an America that is led by hate, fear, division, and oppression. I am bound to a calling to fight injustice in any form. I don't find any comfort in profiting from oppression. This is my way of giving back.